Welcome to Division 2!

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Welcome to Division 2!

Post by Extream on Sat Sep 27, 2014 4:03 pm

Div 2 - Bullet Bill

Skype Contacts:

Division Admin - Extream (extreamstuntman1)

Λ☆ - Astronomical: Aaron (kneedeepinbitches), Eddy (firechairzard55)
Dα - Daughters of the Amazon: KD (kingdecimator), Jayden (jdn-bx-99), Orange (suicideyoshi64)
Rα - Rosalina: Tamz (skypetamz), Manuel (manuel.mse), Alpha (xalphamk)
Su - The Survivors: Simon (slimyelson00)

Welcome to Division 2 of the Custom Server League!
I am the administrator of this division, and it is my job to make sure everything goes along well. If you have any questions, PM me on Skype (shown above). Good luck to all players and teams!

One important thing I must address, the rules for all matches to be played is not the same as any other leagues for MKWii. Click this link to access them: http://wiimmfi.forumotion.com/t123-csl-official-rules-pre-season-august-28th-2014


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