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Post by ~Maidvelia❤~ on Sat Aug 23, 2014 7:56 am

These are the main error codes for Wiimmfi. I color coded the ones that should actually matter to you. The non-color coded ones are either uncommon or insignificant to the user.

Anything in blue just means nothing is wrong on your end, the server is down for everybody. Just wait it out and it will be back up.

Anything in yellow can probably be fixed by yourself if you tweak router settings, etc.

Orange and red are severity levels. The lighter oranges indicate a less serious error code, the darker oranges indicate a more serious error code, the red indicates a very serious error code, and the dark red indicates the most serious error code. All of the codes have a red outline around them because you want to avoid ALL of them, they all relate to BANS, which cannot be bypassed like they were with WFC.

Anything in black means you can't do anything about this error code, if you get it, you're fucked and cannot do whatever it is you want to do.

23500 : Fatal HTTP Error

23801 - 23879 : 238xx : Wait xx hours for console activation.
23881 - 23887 : 2388y : Wait y days for console activation.
23899 : Console successfully registered. Wait 7 days for activation.

23901 : Server closed because of maintenance.
23902 : Too many users, try later.
23903 : Console and profile creation disabled.

23911 : Profile creation denied. Try 24h later.
23912 : Profile is banned.
23913 : Console creation denied. Try 24h later.

23914 : Console is banned.
23915 : Abuse of a console identifier.

23916 : Proxies are forbidden.
23917: Wiimmfi access denied.

23921 : Unknown console.
23922 : Game is not supported by Wiimmfi.
23923 : Game is known by Wiimmfi, but disabled.
23924 : Wrong game id for current profile.

23931 : Login failed.
23932 : Illegal HTTP header.
23933 : Missing required login parameter.
23934 : Invalid login parameter.
23935 : Unknown login action.

23941 : Missing required DLS1 parameter.
23942 : Unknown DLS1 action.
23943 : DLS1 file not found.

23991 : Database error.
23998 : Not implemented yet.
23999 : Internal error.

Other codes I want to mention, not listed here, that were used on WFC:

20110 : The WFC discontinued message. If you get this, Wiimmfi didn't patch correctly with whatever you're using to load it. You need to fix something and try again then it will work.

20100 : This used to mean you logged in too fast on WFC (and it still does for Wiimmfi in some situations), but now on Wiimmfi it means the login server is down for everyone and you can't go online. It's another one of those "wait it out" error codes.

51330 : Same as WFC; improper router configuration.

60000 : This used to mean jackshit on WFC, but on Wiimmfi, it means your friend code isn't in the Wiimmfi database, thus you cannot connect online with it until it is. Please visit this thread for more information and solutions on this specific error code.

86420 / 8XXXX : Same as WFC; there's too many clients interacting with the host and either the host's internet is too shitty or the NATNEG server is hiccuping. Wiimmfi is no longer responsible for these issues. If you keep having these issues, set your Wii up as a DMZ or port forward it to disable its firewall!

91010 : Can be exactly the same as it was on WFC; it means your router is fucking up OR it can mean you were playing in a friend room and the host of it kicked you, in which case instead of you automatically winning the match or race, you would get a black screen. Also your Mii name would show up and say next to it that it has gotten kicked on this page:


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