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Post by JAvO on Sat Jan 03, 2015 3:22 pm

[1:35:07 AM | Edited 1:35:31 AM] -[KG]♛JÁVÖ: so you guys can play 30min  yes?
[1:36:22 AM] Genesis.: doubt so
[1:36:28 AM] Genesis.: no one is talking in DE chat
[1:36:47 AM] Genesis.: maybe they all will appear in a flash
[1:37:42 AM] Genesis.: actually, maybe we'll be ready
[1:37:48 AM] Genesis.: at most slightly past 30mins
[1:42:32 AM] -[KG]♛JÁVÖ: k
[1:51:17 PM | Edited 1:53:33 PM] -[KG]♛JÁVÖ: 507074138901 host
[1:53:50 PM] Genesis.: we only have 3 now
[1:53:53 PM] Genesis.: so
[1:53:54 PM] Genesis.: yea
[1:54:14 PM] -[KG]♛JÁVÖ: we'll wait until you get 5
[1:54:26 PM] Genesis.: 4 won't do?
[1:54:27 PM] -[KG]♛JÁVÖ: you guys really should do this the night before lmao..
[1:55:02 PM] Genesis.: 4v4 wont do for you guys?
[1:55:25 PM] -[KG]♛JÁVÖ: de has a crap load of players you should be able to get 5
[1:55:37 PM] -[KG]♛JÁVÖ: joel when he wakes up and whoever else
[1:55:37 PM] Genesis.: in the actual clan chat is 13
[1:55:40 PM] -[KG]♛JÁVÖ: who do you have so far?
[1:55:44 PM] Genesis.: boom extream me
[1:55:49 PM] Genesis.: aaron might come soon
[1:55:58 PM] Genesis.: krypta maybe
[1:56:10 PM] Genesis.: joel wakes up at like 4 if no one tells him to do so otherwise
[2:04:59 PM] -[KG]♛JÁVÖ: just gime fcs when you get them
[2:06:03 PM] Genesis.: dont u have openhost
[2:11:47 PM] -[KG]♛JÁVÖ: maybe
[2:31:53 PM] -[KG]♛JÁVÖ: how many you have now?
[2:32:06 PM] Genesis.: still 3
[2:41:56 PM] Genesis.: so im guessing now we'll just forfeit?
[3:41:36 AM] Dξ Boom: idgaf
[2:42:06 PM] Genesis.: dont think we'll be able to play at this rate

once again kids have no organization whatsoever, gg


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