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Post by Chrome on Sat Dec 27, 2014 1:21 pm

Other Features of Wiimmfi Portal Aside From OpenHost

Close: http://wiimmfi.de/mkw (The host can close his/her room at any time. This is the same as the host resetting their Wii.)

Kick: http://wiimmfi.de/mkw (The host is able to kick any player(s) from his/her room at any time.)
Please note that this feature is not allowed in CSL matches and clan wars.

Show Bans: http://wiimmfi.de/show-bans (This shows everyone who has been banned from Wiimmfi and/or kicked from a race in the past 7 days.)

Settings: http://wiimmfi.de/settings (Hide friend codes that you do not use for Openhost and change your account timezone and date format.)

Status: http://wiimmfi.de/status (See which friend codes you last logged in on that you chose to not have hidden and see which rights/privileges you have on the portal.)
- K is what allows hosts to kick players out of rooms and close them from the portal.
- B is what allows players in general to become ban moderators and be able to ban other users for disruptive play or cheating.
- M allows a player to access and manage every kind of ban the server can support. It's currently a server administrator privilege only because it can be used to unban banned players.
- G is what allows players in general to see old game statistics. This is a good feature for mods because they can see which rooms a person played in before banning them.
- H is what allows players to use OPENHOST.
- E is what allows players to pick what Worldwide they want to join randomly by clicking the ENTER button on the rooms page. A 5 minute request is sent to the server so the players that clicked ENTER on that Worldwide can only get put into that room until the 5 minute request expires. This is currently only a moderator feature and it's used for getting in the same room as a hacker to have a moderator witness the cheating prior to banning them.
If you no longer have access to something, check to see if you still have the privilege(s) for it.

In-game & for the host of the room only
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