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Post by Leseratte on Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:27 am

Who of you recognizes this letter?:

MKWii - Collecting competition data 13055-my-LetterS-b-tpl-png
Thats right, it's a competition announcement letter (with the Wiimmfi icon added).

A few days ago, PokemonAcer and I found out how we can get competitions to work.
(Thanks to Ciapa for the patcher!).

This is currently a proof-of-concept and not ready to be released to the public yet for some reasons:
- The required patching method is not really tested. It might damage the wc24 data on the wii.
- The Wiimmfi server doesn't support it yet - competitions need SAKE to work, so the PoC only lets you download and play the competition, but not up- or download rankings.

But when we want to enable competitions on Wiimmfi in the future, we need the competition files to send out MKWii - Collecting competition data Tongue

There are some RKC files on the internet, but only for very few competitions (15 of 47) and they also don't contain the text displayed in the Mario Kart Channel.

So we need your help:

- If you still see any competition in the Mario Kart Channel (doesn't matter which language or which competition), please dump your savegame with the Savegame Manager GX and give me the file "wc24dl.vff" from the extracted folder (by sending me a PM in the forums [ ] or a mail to wiimmfi [at] leseratte10 [dot] de )
- If you have an old NAND backup of your Wii somewhere on your SD card or computer, please extract that by following this tutorial:…ide#Extracting_NAND_files
Then you can open the path /title/00010004/524d43XX/data/ (XX is your region) and find the file "wc24dl.vff" there.

The more competition VFF files from different competitions and languages we can get, the more different competitions and languages for competitions can Wiimmfi support in the future.

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