Can't upload old Animal Crossing friend codes

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Can't upload old Animal Crossing friend codes Empty Can't upload old Animal Crossing friend codes

Post by Shaosil on Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:53 am

I have both a Wii and Wii U, both Homebrew ready, and a Wiimmfi patched version of Animal Crossing on both Wii and vWii. I copied the old Wii's Animal Crossing saves to the Wii U, and rebuilt the world on the Wii. Then, I generated a new friend code on the Wii, which works just fine through Wiimmfi!

Then I tried to connect to Wiimmfi on the Wii U using the old save, which had an existing friend code from the NintendoWFC days. First, I got a 29213(?), which simply meant I had to wait 24 hours before another console could be registered. So I waited 24 hours, and naturally got error 60000. I've read all the 60000 articles, and know that it just means it doesn't recognize the old code, and there's three ways to get it in the server, blah blah

I couldn't figure out how to register a profile or console on the Wiimmfi status page (every time I enter a friend code it just tells me there are no profiles), so I downloaded the pidTool. The pidToop actually found both profiles on my old save and said it uploaded them, and I have waited more than 24 hours.

Now, about 35 hours later, I'm still getting 60000. I also ran the nick check on the website and only have a "-". Obviously it's not in the servers yet... Should I try the pidTool again, or is there something else I can do? How can I register profiles on the status page? I don't want to recreate the world, since the point of this is to be able to play together with my wife in our old save.

I was also looking into modifying the save data to erase the friend code altogether and see if Wiimmfi would give me a new one, but I haven't found enough info to be able to safely do that.. there are checksums throughout the data and I have no idea where to start.


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