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Post by XMatt on Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:15 pm

I play a game on wiimmfi called inazuma eleven go strikers 2013, (it's a football/anime game) I got friendship at 100% (it means my footballers can't be more stronger) with my team and I needed a lot of time to do it! (it's a game that LEVEL-5 made just in japan and there isn't a code to get friendship 100% with everyone) But now, I get EC60000 and on this game, all licenses have the same friend code, even if I delete a license and make a new one, it'll try to connect with the old fc and then I'll keep getting EC 60000! The only method to play online is to use pidtool or I'll need to restart from beginning! Could anyone give me pidtool please?


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