Reporting & Banning Information

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Reporting & Banning Information

Post by ~Maidvelia❤~ on Sat Aug 23, 2014 7:37 am

Unlike Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, where reported hackers didn't really get dealt with, Wiimmfi has an active team that moderates online activity on the servers. If you believe someone is cheating, all you need to do is report them on this thread. There is also another specific thread on which gets seen more often by the moderating team, so it's best to use both threads. After you post a report, the team will review the accusation and then make the appropriate decision.

Go to this post to see which kinds of hacks are allowed all the time, which kinds are allowed only in private rooms, and which ones are not allowed at all.

If you are banned on the Wiimmfi servers, that is it: GAME OVER. There are no ways around it unless you get an entire new console. You have been warned: DON'T CHEAT ON THESE SERVERS.


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