Old Profile Import Changes.

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Old Profile Import Changes. Empty Old Profile Import Changes.

Post by lambis24 on Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:57 pm

Hello, I am new to the server and I tried playing Pokemon Battle Revolution to start with but I cannot play with my Nintendo profile after the changes 4 days ago. There is no option to just reset my license, which means that I have to create a new profile to play. But on the Dolphin emulator that I'm using there is currently no way that you can import your Pokemon from a DS system. The current save files are from my old Wii's NAND backup that i no longer have, which means that there is no way for my to battle with my own Pokemon team online, only with the shit rental passes.
Can you make an exception for Pokemon BR or provide us dolphin users with a solution? :/ Thanks in advance.


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