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Custom Server League is joining MKBoards

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Custom Server League is joining MKBoards Empty Custom Server League is joining MKBoards

Post by ~Maidvelia❤~ on Mon Jan 19, 2015 4:17 am

[1/18/2015 5:51:07 PM] 「♪ Jακε Sτενεηs 」: csl can move over to mkb

Approved by Stevens94, CSL is joining for Season 2.

This was done off the request of many players. Because of this, all topic creation permissions have been disabled in the CSL section of the forums so we can move over without any future unfinished business coming up!

Just so you know...
-Season 1 results and awards will be sorted before we move over.
-All registration back-ups made here will be copy and pasted over.
-The Google Spreadsheet is going to carry over.
-All transfers and registrations made up to this point will be done before we move over.

I hope you guys are excited... I know we are!

If you have any questions about this, post them in this thread.


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