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Post by Chrome on Sat Dec 27, 2014 1:21 pm

What is Openhost?

Openhost is provided to us by Wiimm and his crew as an easier way of adding players onto your friend roster. The host does not need to have anyone added in order to join his/her room if s/he has Openhost enabled.


- Black List:
If the host has this enabled, it will allow anyone to join the room if the host has one opened (except [if any] friend codes they have on their portal list as 'deny').

- White List:
Any friend codes that the host has added and, as long as s/he have it set to 'friend' in the portal, will be able to join the room if the host has one opened.

- Disabled:
Openhost is deactivated and friend code adding is normal. The host and the player will have to register each other through the game in order to join the host's room.

Example (using Black List):
OpenHost Guide Cfdb2b0d9e9309e9b493c9aa4f4d887f
If the host does not have any friend codes listed in their portal (Profile Lists of xxxx-xxxx-xxxx), EVERYONE is able to join that room. However, if a host wants to ban someone from joining their room, they would add that friend code to the list and set it to 'deny' -- that will not allow the banned player to see the host online.

Example (using White List):
OpenHost Guide 6d06c367a0637ee97fb55bc2c7a65671
Ronak, Mewwy, Lachie, Luca, and Dave would be the only ones able to see and join my room. Matt, Hawk, and 6 God would not.


How do I get Openhost?

Step 1: (only required if you do not already have an account on the site) Create an account on

Step 2: Log in with your account details at

Step 3: Click 'Assign a console'

Step 4: Type in your friend code (WITH the dashes) that you want to use for Openhost and then click 'Assign'

Step 5: Click 'Manage OPENHOST' and you will see (all) friend codes that were created on your console

Step 7: Click 'Manage profiles' on the friend code you want to have Openhost

Step 8: You now have Openhost

Step 9: See how to use it above

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